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Reading material for all levels.


Reading is very important in developing your understanding of a foreign language and increasing your vocabulary.


Download these free PDF books to practice English in your own time. It's helpful to make a list of new vocabulary in a notebook.  

Elementary Level 0

The Last Photo

Red Roses


Sleeping Beauty 

Newspaper Chase

Robin Hood

King Arthur

The Mystery of Manor Hall


The True Story of Pocahontus

Pre-intermediate Level 1

Girl Meets Boy

Missing Coins

Brown Eyes

A Little Princess

Sherlock Holmes and the Duke's Son

Sherlock Holmes and the Sport of Kings

The Wizard of Oz

Rain Man

House on the Hill

Thor and the Giants

Marley and Me

The Visit

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer

The Phantom of the Opera

Viking Tales

White Death

The Lady in the Lake

Pre-intermediate Level 2

Alice in wonderland


Robin Hood 2

Sherlock Holmes: Short Stories

The Murders in the Rue Morgue

Vodoo Island

Intermediate Level 3

Benjamin Button

A Christmas Carol


Tales of Mystery and Imagination

Forrest Gump

Upper- Intermediate Level 4

Strangers on a Train

Advanced Level 5 

Article: Should Countries Become Self-reliant

Article: Elections Around the World

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