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Exercises not working 

There are four main reasons why you might be having problems getting the exercises to work properly. 

1 - The exercises won't work in 'incognito mode'. Please open a tab on your browser that is not in 'incognito mode'.

2 - Exercises won't work on Safari internet browser, switch to Crome or Mozilla. 

3 -
Disable any adblockers you may be running. 

4 - If you can't see the exercises at all you need to 'allow JavaScipt'. To do this on a PC:
1) click the three dot menu button on your browser.
2) click 'settings'.
3) click on 'security and privacy'.
4) click on 'site settings'.
5) scroll down and click on 'JavaScript'.
6) click allow JavaScript.
7) exit crome settings.
8) refresh page. 

To do this on an android phone:
1) click the three dot Crome browser menu.
2) click on settings.
3) click on site settings.
4) click on JavaScript.
5) allow JavaScript.
6) exit Crome settings.
7) refresh page. 

If you are still having problems please send a message in the chat. 

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