Chris 1.___had_____ (have) a very strange day yesterday. He 2.__was watching________ (watch) TV when his friend 3.__called______ (call) him and asked him to meet him at the park in an hour. When Chris 4.___arrived_____ (arrive) he 5.___saw____ (see) that his friend was covered in mud. Chris asked him what 6.___had happened_______ (happen). His friend said he 7.____had fallen________ (fall) over in the forest running away from a man in a blue hat with a knife. Chris asked why the man 8.__had been chasing______ (chase) him with a knife and his friend said he 9._didn't know______ (not know). Then, Chris looked at the entrance of the park and 10.__saw____ (see) a man wearing a blue hat…

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