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Jessika 1.___had_____(have) a great day last week. She 2.___got____ (get) home from work and 3.___started______ (start) playing with her three-year-old son. While she 4.___was playing________ (play) with him, her husband 5.___came____ (come) home and 6.____started______ (start) cooking dinner. While they 7.___were having______ (have) dinner, Jessika 8.___told______ (tell) her husband that she 9.____had bought_______ (buy) a lottery ticket. Her husband told her that he 10.___had been talking________ (talk) to clients all day. Jessika decided to check the lottery numbers on her phone, she 11.___looked_____ (look) at her phone, 12.__looked______(look) at her husband, 13.___looked____ (look) at her phone, 14.___looked_____ (look) at her husband and 15.___screamed_______ (scream). She 16.___had won_______ (win)!

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