At a Shop
At a Shop - Prof Emanuel Costa
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Read the questions and then play the listening.

1. What does the man want to buy?

2. What is the man's shoe size?

3. Does the shop have the shoe the man likes in his size and colour?

4. What did the shop receive this morning? 

5. Does the man buy any shoes?

Answers at bottom of page. 


1. He wants to buy some shoes. 

2. He is a size 10. 

3. No they don't. 

4. They received a new shoe model. 

5. Yes he does, he buys the new model. 


1- Hello, good afternoon can I help you?

2- Yes I'm looking for some shoes, have you got any?

1- Yes our shoes are over here, come this way. We have 4 different styles and they come in brown and black.

2- Ok great, I like this one, do you have this in a size 10 in black?

1-  Let me check, I'll be back in a second.

1- So we don't have that one in a size 10 any more. But I

brought the other 3 models in a size 10 in black to see if you would like to try them on.

2 - Thanks but I didn't like the other styles

1 - That's OK, well, we received a new model this morning, here it is in a size 10 in black. What do you think?

2- It's nice, can I try them on?

1- Of course.  There's a mirror over there.

2- OK thanks. They fit well.  How much are they?

1- They're 40 pounds.

2 - OK perfect I'll take them.

1- Great just come with me to the checkout, are you paying by card or in cash?

2 - Cash, here you go.

1 - Perfect, here's your change and your receipt. Thank you.

2 - Thanks, bye

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