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My Bitcoin - Prof Emanuel Costa
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Read the questions and then play the listening.

1. How much has Tom invested in bitcoin?

2. How much did 1 bitcoin cost when Tom bought his bitcoins?

3. How much is 1 bitcoin now?

4. How much money has Tom lost until now? 

5. Why does Sarah want to buy bitcoins now? 

6. Does Tom want to buy more bitcoins?

Answers at bottom of page. 


1. He has invested 500 dollars into bitcoin

2. 18,000 dollars

3. 9,000 dollars

4. 250 dollars

5. Because the price is low

6. Yes he does


1- Hey Tom 

2 - Hi Sarah

1- Tom have you seen all the news about bitcoin?

2- Yeah I have actually, why? 

1- Well I'm thinking about buying some, do you think I should?

2- Well, I did

1- Really? how much did you buy? 

2 - I bought 500 dollars worth of bitcoin, and when I bought it the price was 1 bitcoin for 18 thousand dollars, and now the price is 1 bitcoin for 9 thousand dollars, so I've lost half of my money, I'm 250 dollars down. 

1- Oh no, what are you going to do? 

2- I'm going to hold, I'm not going to sell, I'm sure the price will go back up soon. 

1-Well you know what, maybe I should buy now because the price is so low.

2- That's not a bad idea, hmm I think I'll buy some more as well. Just another 200 dollars. Imagine if the price goes to 50 thousand dollars. 

1- I'm so excited can you show me how to do it.

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