Where Were You?
Where Were You? - Professor Emanuel Costa
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Read the questions and then play the listening.

1. Where was he?  

2. What did he buy?

3. How much were the T-shirts? 

4. Does she like the vest? 

Answers at bottom of page. 


1. He was shopping. 

2. 2 T-shirts, a wallet and a vest. 

3. £20 each

4. No, she doesn't


A- Hi, where were you? I tried to call you but I couldn't get through. 

B- I went shopping, my phone was out of battery.

A- oh right, well, what did you get? 

B- I just got a few things. I bought 2 t-shirts from Topman, a new wallet because I lost my old one and a vest. 

A- Nice, can I see the T-shirts? 

B- Yeah of course, here. 

A- Wow they're great. How much were they? 

B- 20 pounds each. 

A- And the vest?

B- Here

A- Hmm I don't like the design. How much was it? 

B - 40 pounds. 

A- What that's so expensive. Maybe you should return it.

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