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Wifi Problem - Prof Emanuel Costa
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Read the questions and then play the listening.

1. What problem is the man having?

2. Why can't he connect to it? 

Answers at bottom of page. 


1. He can't connect to the internet. 

2. Because he left his caps lock on.



A - Hey Sarah could help me?


B - Sure, what's the problem?


A - I can't connect to the internet, is there a problem with the network, is your computer connected?


B - Yeah mine's working normally. Let me see your WiFi connection. WorkWifi and I'll just press connect. Hmm it's not working. Let me click forget and put the password in again. Hmm still not working. Let me try the other WiFi, WorkWifi 2, I'll just put in the password. M still nothing. Oh that's the problem Tom, you left your caps lock on.


A - Oh yeah, oops, let me put the password in again.


B - Did it connect?


A - Yes it's connected now. Thanks Sarah.


B - No problem.

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