Talking About Food
Talking About Food - Prof Emanuel Costa
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Read the questions and then play the listening.

1. What's his favourite dish?

2. What's her favourite dish?

3. What does she have for lunch?

4. Does he have lunch in restaurants? 


1. Seafood risotto. 

2. Fish and Chips

3. A couple of sandwiches
4. No he doesn't, he cooks. 


1 - Hey


2 - Hi


1 - What's your favourite dish?


2- Hmm, I think  it's sea food risotto, I love risotto and I love sea food. And yours?


1 - Fish and chips, for me nothing is better than fish and chips.


2 - And what do you normally have for breakfast?


1 - Normally a bowl of cereal.


2 - And for lunch?


1 - Usually just a couple of sandwiches.


2 - Really, that's not very healthy, you should have a proper lunch. And what about for dinner?


1 -  A ready meal, like a lasagna or something. What about you what do you have for lunch?


2 - Well I cook my food for the week on Sundays so it depends on what I want that week. But normally I have rice black beans and some vegetables.


1 - No meat?


2 - Not usually.


1 - What about your protein?


2 - There's protein in the beans.


1 - Fair enough.

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