Advanced Listening Five
Friends - Doing a Chandler

Read the questions and then press play. 

Difficult Words:

It pays to know: vale a pena conheçer

Promoted: promovido
They do you: eles fazem imitações de você

Scone: bolinho

1. How was Phoebe's first day at work? 

2. Who doesn't like Chandler? 

3. Why did they stop liking Chandler? 

4. What do the people in the office do? 


1. It was excellent. 

2. Everyone. 

3. Because Chandler got promoted and became the boss. 

4. They do impersonations of Chandler. 


Joey: Hey, how was the first day?

Phoebe: Oh, excellent. Everyone was so so nice.

Chandler: See it pays to know the man who wears my shoes. Me.

P: No, I didn’t tell anybody that I knew you.

C: Why not?

P: Oh, because you know, they don’t like you.

C: What?

P: I though you knew that.

C: nuhum. Who doesn’t like me?

P: Everyone. except for umm, no everyone.

C: What are you talking about?

P: Don’t feel bad. You know, they used to like you a lot. But then you got promoted, and you know, you’re all like Mr. Boss Man, you know, Mr. Bing, Mr. Bing, Boss man Bing.

C: I can’t believe it.

P: Yeah, yeah, they even do you.

C: They do me?

P: You know like, umm ok umm could that report be any later?

C: I don’t sound like that.

J: Oh, yeah you do.

Ross:  The hills are alive with the sound of music.

J: My scone, my scone.

C: OK, I don’t sound like that, that is so not true. That is so not, that is so not, that, oh shut up.

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