Advanced Listening Three
Black Mirror - Airport

Read the questions and then press play. 

Difficult Words:

1. What happened to her flight?

2. Why is she flying?

3. There is a standby seat available on another flight, but she can’t get it, why not?


1. Her flight was cancelled. 

2. Because she is going to her best friend's wedding. 

3. Because you need to having a rating of 4.2 or over to get the seat and her rating is 4.183


Clerk: Hi there, how are you doing?

Passenger: I am wonderful.

Clerk: I am so sorry that flight is cancelled.

Passenger: No, no.

Clerk: Customer incident at the other end.

Passenger: So, when is the next flight?

Clerk: Yeah, they’re all kind of full.

Passenger: I booked this weeks ago, it’s my best friend’s wedding.

Clerk: I’m sorry.

Passenger: I have to get there, I have to.

Clerk: OK, let’s see what we can do.

Passenger: Thank you.

Clerk: I see there’s one stand by seat on another plane leaving tonight. Oh, that’s reserved for members of our prime flight program, you’ve got to be a 4.2 or over to qualify.

Passenger: Oh, I’m a 4.2.

Clerk: I’m afraid you’re actually a 4.183

Passenger: Well, that’s not my fault. Some woman didn’t get out in the cab. Can’t you just?

Clerk: I’m sorry it won’t let me book it without the correct ranking.

Passenger: But it’s so close.

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