Advanced Listening Two
Friends - Unagi

Read the questions and then press play. 

Difficult Words:

Takes it out of you: makes you tired. 

Crotch: Area between the legs
Eel: enguia

1. What class did Rachel and Phoebe do?

2. What did Ross study?

3. What does Rachel think 'unagi' is? 


1. A self defense class. 

2. Ross studied Karate.  ​

3. Rachel thinks it is sushi. 


Phoebe: Hey.

Ross: Hey, what have you guys been up to?

Phoebe: Oh, we went to a self defence class today.

Ross: Wow.

Rachel: Yeah, kicking a guy in the crotch all morning really takes it out of you.

Joey: Takes it out of you.

Phoebe: Now we can kick anybody’s ass.

Rachel: Yeah.

Ross: After one class?  I don’t think so.

Rachel: What? You want to see me self defend myself? Go over there and pretend you are a sexual predator, go on I dare you.

Ross: Of course, you could defend yourself from an attack you know is coming. That’s not enough. Look I studied Karate for a long time. And there’s a concept you should really be familiar with, it’s what the Japanese call ‘unagi’.

Rachel: Isn’t that a kind of sushi?

Ross: No, it’s a concept.

Phoebe: Yeah it is, it is. It’s fresh water eel.

Ross: Alright, maybe it means that too.

Rachel: Oh, I would kill for a salmon skill roll right now.

Ross: You know what fine get attacked I don’t even care.

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