Interview - Prof Emanuel Costa
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Read the questions and then play the listening.

1. Where does she live? 

2. What's her job? 

3. When is her birthday? 

4. What time does she wake up?

5. What's her favourite meal? 

Answers at bottom of page. 


1. Paris

2. She's a computer programmer

3. February 4th

4. 8am

5. Fish and chips



I: Where do you live?

P: Paris.

I:What do you do?

P: I'm a computer programmer

I: When's your birthday?

P: February 4th

I: Who do you live with?

P: Two friends, Jack and Mary.

I: What time do you wake up?

P: 8 am

I: What time do you go to bed?

P: 11pm

I: What's your favourite dish?

P: Fish and chips.

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