How was your weekend?
How was your weekend? - Prof Emanuel Costa
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Read the questions and then play the listening.

1. Where did the man go at the weekend?

2. What did he do there? 

3. What did she do at the weekend? 

Answers at bottom of page. 


1. Germany

2. He went to museums and drank German beers

3. She went to the cinema


Jess: Hi how was your weekend?

Tom: Hey, it was great. I went to Germany.

Jess: Really? Fantastic. What did you do there?

Tom: I went to many museums. And I drank traditional German beers.

Jess: That sounds great.

Tom: And you what did you do?

Jess: I went to the cinema. I saw the new Tom Hanks film.

Tom: How was it?

Jessica: Really good. It was a very interesting film.

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