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Mark: Aright, Tom?
Tom : Yes, all good thanks. And you?
M: Not too bad.
1.___Did you go________ (you, go) to work yesterday?
T: Yes, I did. Why?
2.___Did Sarah call________(Sarah, call) you? She said she had something she wanted to ask you.
T: She
3.___called________(call) while I 4.__was talking_____(talk) to my boss so I 5.___couldn't_________(not can) answer. But, I rang her back. She 6.___wanted_________ (want) to know if I wanted to go to the cinema at the weekend.
M: What
7.___did you say_________ (you say)?
T: I told her I
8.____had already made_________(already, make) plans with my brother. We’re going to see an art exhibition this Saturday. He 9.___had been asking________ (ask) me to go for months, so I eventually said yes. Unfortunately, it’s the same day Sarah wants go to the cinema. What 10.__were you doing_________ (you do) last night at 8 pm? I 11.__called________ (call) you but you 12.__didn't answer__________ (not answer).

M: I 13._____was helping___________ (help) my son with his homework.

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